Sex B.

A Third Grade teacher asks her class to use a three syllable word in a sentance. Three students raise their hands... the third one was dirty Johnny. The teacher ignores his waving hand and calls on Sally. "Beautiful," Sally says. "My teacher is beautiful!" "Why, thank you Sally," the teacher laughs. "Anyone else?" Again three students raise their hands including dirty Johnny, and once again the teacher ignores his hand. She calls on Darcy. "Wonderful. My teacher is wonderful!" Once again the teacher thanks her little students and asks for more hands. This time the only hand raised is little Johnny's. So the teacher reluctantly calls on him. "Urinate," yells Johnny. "Johnny!," says the teacher, "That was very rude!" "You're-an-eight, but if your tits were bigger you'd be a ten!"

funniness: 7.32

rating: R