Ms B.

For his sweet sixteen, Joe's dad wanted to give him an extra special gift, so he took his son to the whore house down the street. When they get there, Joe's dad gives Joe only one piece of advice. "Don't do anything on the second floor" Joe thought that was reasonable enough, so off he went. On the first floor Joe had LOTS of fun. He skipped the second floor and went on to the third. He had A LOT MORE fun on that floor. As he's coming down the stairs to meet his dad, he gets curious about the second floor. He starts looking around and all he sees is a hole with the words "Stick dick in here" above it. He wonders why his dad told him to avoid the second floor and sticks his dick in. He immediatley starts getting a blow job. It is the best he's ever had and he doesn't regret disobeying his dad. When he meets his dad at the car, his dad asks him if he went to the second floor. Joe immediately answers No. To which his dad replies, wiping his mouth off, "Good."

funniness: 6.49

rating: R