Cameron D.

Four Eskimos were sitting around a block of ice one evening telling ghost stories when one of them said, "I bet that my igloo is the coldest igloo in the village!" Another villager said, "That is impossible, mine must be the coldest." The remaining two villagers suggested that they have a contest to see who's igloo was the coldest. They set off immediately to find the coldest igloo. When they arrived at the firt Eskimo's igloo he asked them to observe. He gathered spit in his mouth and spit in the middle of the igloo. As soon as the spit hit the floor it froze. The others were very impressed. Shortly after they arrived at the second Eskimo's igloo. He walked over to the stove and removed a kettle of hot tea. He moved to the center of the igloo and poured it onto the ground. The instant the hot tea hit the ground it froze. Amazed, the others turned to leave. They soon came upon the third Eskimo's igloo. He walked up to the stove and removed a kettle of hot cocoa. He brought it to the middle of the room and poured it out. As soon as it came out of the kettle it froze, then fell to the floor and shattered. The others could not believe their eyes. Finally they were at the fourth Eskimo's igloo. He led them into the bedroom where he slept. He walked them over to the bed and pulled back the sheets. On the bed were 4 green balls. Confused, the others asked what they were. The Eskimo smiled, pulled out a match, and held it under the ball. A huge fart shook the igloo. Years later that same Eskimo brags about the night that his farts froze.

funniness: 6.73

rating: G