Lisa M.

One day a man was playing golf and he forgot what hole he was on. He saw a young woman ahead of him and asked "Hey miss, what hole am I on?" She says "Well, I'm on hole 6 and you are a hole behind me so you're on hole 5!" He said thanks and went on his way. Later when he was on the back 9, he forgot again so he looked at the same woman and said "Hey what hole am I on?" She answers "I'm on hole 15 and you're a hole behind me, so you're on hole 14!" THe guy sais thanks, and is on his way. Later back at the clubhouse he sees the same woman at the bar chatting, and he decides to go strike up a conversation. He walks up and says "Thanks for you're help when I was lost today! What do you do for a living?" The woman laughs and says, "You're Welcome! But I don't want to tell you what I do cuz you'll laugh!" The guy says, "No I won't! just tell me!" The woman says, "Okay, I'm a saleswoman for Tampax!" The guy just burst into continuous laughter. The woman says in an angry voice, "I THOUGHT YOU WEREN'T GOING TO LAUGH!" The guy then says, "No, I'm not laughing at your job! I'm a Preparation H salesman. So I'M STILL A HOLE BEHIND YOU!

funniness: 7.16

rating: PG-13