Samantha H.

A young couple once rented a cabin near a lake for a vacation. He liked to fish, and her favorite pastime was reading. One morning, the husband rose early and took the boat out on the lake. He returned around noon, and went to the cabin for a nap. The wife looked at the little boat and thought it might be nice to read her book on the water. Though she knew nothing about boats, she managed to row into a nice, calm area of the lake and settled down to read. After a short time the Game Warden motored up in his boat and asked her what she was doing. Although she thought it was obvious, she responded, "I'm reading a book." "You're in a restricted fishing area, I'll need to take you in and write you up for this", he said. Astounded, she argued, "But I'm not fishing. You saw me here, reading my book!" "But you have all the necessary equipment," he said, pointing out the poles, nets, and bait her husband had left in the boat, "so I'm going to cite you for fishing in a restricted area." "Then I will press charges on you for rape", she said. "Rape!? I haven't touched you!" "No," she said, "but you have all the necessary equipment."

funniness: 7.46

rating: PG