Mark G.

There are two sperm and they're swimming and swimming and swimming for what seems like forever. They're starting to get tired and one sperm says to the other, "Do you think we should pull over and ask for directions?" The other sperm replies, "Naaaahhhhh, we can find it." So, they keep swimming. Finally, they see another sperm, who's almost dead and decide to stop and ask for directions. They ask, "Do you think you can help us get to where we are going?" The almost dead sperm says, "I'll try, where ya going?" The two sperms reply, "Well, we're trying to find the fallopian tubes so that we can try and fertilize the egg." The almost dead sperm just starts laughing. The other two sperms look at one another, somewhat confused, and ask, "What's so funny?" The almost dead sperm finally regains his composure and replies, "Well, you guys have a long way to're still in the esophagus."

funniness: 7.48

rating: R