Terra B.

A guy is walking in the woods. It starts raining real hard so he tries to find a place to stay. He goes to the first house he sees and looks in the window. A girl was sitting there holding her titty and a guy was sitting there holdin his dick and an umbrella. The man thinks to himself, "These people are too weird for me." So, he goes to the next house and looks in the window. The people there look pretty decent. He knocks on the door and asks if he can stay there for the night. The guy that lives there says, "Sure, but why didn't you stay at the house down there?" The man says, "Them people are too weird for me." The other guy says, "What were they doing?" The man says, "The girl was holding her titty and the man was holding his dick and an umbrella." The other guy says, "They are deaf and mute so that's how they communicate." The man asks, "What were they saying?" The other guy says, "The girl was saying, 'Go milk the cows', and the guy was saying, 'Fuck you, bitch. It's raining!'"

funniness: 7.31

rating: R