Sarah P.

Don't you hate it! When the cop pulls you over, I mean. Well, here are some answers to those questions that you could use. Some of them use only if you want more than just a ticket!!!! Question 1 Do you know why I pulled you over? a) Yes or no (obvious answers) b) Was it because of the cocaine on my dash or the beer in my hand? c) Because you were cranky you missed that last doughnut shop? d) Depends on how long you were following me. (Liar Liar) e) Because it's asshole day? Question 2 Do you know how fast you were going? a) Yes or no b) Not fast enough to outrun you! c) No! My speedometer doesn't go past 140. d) You pulled me over, so YOU tell ME! e) What is this, a test? Question 3 Have you had anything to drink? a) Yes or no b) No. Got anything? c) No Mr. Beer, I don't have any officers tonight! d) Not since my last drink! e) Does the one in my hand count? Question 4 Can I have your license and registration? a) Make up your bloody minds!!! First you took my license away yesterday and now you want me to show you?!?! b) I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!!

funniness: 6.52

rating: PG