Chris T.

A man took a trip to Mongolia. When he got there he had sex with a women. After he returned to the U.S. he noticed that there were purple and blue spots on his penis. He made an appoint with his doctor. The doctors took a look and told him, "You have a very rare sexually transmitted disease only found in Mongolia. Unfortunately there is no treatment and I'll need to amputate your penis." The man didnt take this very well, "You're crazy. There is no way I'll let you chop off my dick!! I going to get a second opinion." Since he got the disease in Mongolia he flew back and talked to a Mongolian doctor. "No, No, you no get chopped off. American doctor just want money. No, No, you just wait. I save you money. Your penis will fall off by itself anyway."

funniness: 7.21

rating: R