Erik A.

1. Put Salsa dip in your mortarboard. Pass it around for a snack. 2. Spread rubber cement on every seat except yours. Watch the fun as everyone tries to leave. 3. Replace all diplomas with acheivement certificates from "Bed Wetters Anonymous." 4. Bring a whoopie cushion and stink bombs. Be creative with this one. 5. Also bring an aresol can and a lighter! 6. Start a wave. 7. Publicly tar and feather someone. 8. Hide somewhere. At a set time, ambush everyone with water balloons. 9. When you recieve your diploma, act as though you have won an academy award. Say "You like me. You really like me. Thank all the little people who made this possible." 10. Streak. 11. Come with a cold. Blow your nose in someone else's diploma. 12. Bring your pet skunk. Ask if people want to pet him. 13. After you recieve your diploma, stage dive. 14. See just how many farm animal sounds you can make. 15. Claim you have pictures of the validictorian naked with a cow. See what happens. 16. Eat garlic and onions for breakfast that day. Engage in conversation with as many people as possible. 17. Ask the person next to you if he/she would move because that seat is reserved for your imaginary friend. 18. Bring baby pictures of the principal. 19. Try to bribe the valedictorian into stripping. 20. When all else fails, you can never go wrong with an airhorn!!

funniness: 5.99

rating: PG