Erik A.

12. If a girl is sitting next to you, say "Boy, your mustache is really growing in nicely." If a guy is sitting next to you, say "That eyeshadow does wonders for you. You MUST tell me where you got it." 11. Declare war on the people on the other side of the room. Take hostages using a can of silly string. 10. Take on multiple personalities--the more the better. Engage in loud, boisterous conversations using each one of them. 9. Start a sing-along 8. Bring a whoopie cushion. Deflate it at random times. This works well if several people are involved (trust me. I know.) 7. Make a sculpture out of all the pre-chewed gum wads under the desks. 6. Pay someone $5 to eat the sculpture 5. Conduct several science experements like "How big of a spitwad can you make" and "whats that smell?" 4. Duct tape someone to the wall. 3. If an announcement comes over the PA system, cower under your desk and scream "NO! It's those voices again!!" 2. Claim that you should be let go because the school didn't "read you your rights" when you were given the detention. 1. Bring CD's of bands like ABBA, Grand Funk Railroad, Billy Ray Cyrus, The Village People, and the Bee Gees. Threaten to play them if you are not released.

funniness: 6.49

rating: PG