Chris B.

1. Piss on a tree. 2. Light yourself on fire, then run down a beach, screaming for water. 3. Run into a firehouse, on fire. 4. Goto the nearest bakery 99 times, buying a donut each time. Don't eat them, then ask for a refund. See what happens if they're wet. 5. Goto 7-11 and ask the cash register guy for a cart, say it in German then in Spanish, each time cursing him out in English for not understanding his native language. 6. Light a torch and run down your street singing, "Goodness Gracious Great Balls Of Fire" while dumping the liquid contents of a can labeled "Gas" on the street. 7. Get a big crowd of people and say you are gonna do something really cool. Tell them to shut up, and let the tension build. Break the silence by farting, saying "TA DA" and bowing. Walk away... you may have to run. 8. Run into a GAY bar and sing the Mr. Roboto song loudly. Act drunk and willing. 9. Go fuck a chicken... no i dont know how... 10. Call mrs. Cleo and ask for a blowjob. Even females. 11. Play with matches in a shed full of Roman Candles. 12. Run into a bank with a water gun and say this is a stickup! 13. Drink the chunky milk in the back of the fridge. 14. Sniff air fresheners, with a friend. 15. If your a girl, act really seductively in a bar one night. When a man comes up to you say, "NO I WILL NOT GO HOME WITH YOU!" 16. Steal a docters uniform, then go into surgery and act like a retart... wait until they give you the cutting knife. 17. When getting pulled over by the police, ask for the magic ticket for a ride in the pretty car. 18. When he starts writeing the ticket, use your writing hand to wipe your ass. You have to use his pen. 19. Go trick or treating... not on Halloween. Act offended when you are told it isnt Halloween. Tell them Saten sent you. 20. Smile at your hottest teacher all throughout the lesson, not doing any work at all. At the end of the lesson tell her, "I have new socks on."

funniness: 5.77

rating: PG