Chris B.

1. Call on a cell phone, from an elevator and ask them if they know what floor your on. 2. Ask them why they need to ask your name. 3. Get two cell phones (One a friend's, another yours) and call under to different names. Curse at them for not noticing you had a split personality. 4. Tell them you see ghosts, then ask why. Let the conversation flow then scream loudly and say that you think your dick just died. 5. Tell them to guess your Grandpa's name, then make one up that has a hidden message (Ex. Licking, Bill) 6. When telling them what you think, say, "Well, Batman...(etc)" 7. Tell them your name then repeatedly change it in subtle ways (I'm Jack, how are you? Well my Grandpa named me Chad.) 8. Blurt out useless information (Did ya notice how the word HOW is WHO spelled differently?) 9. Ask them if they know how many times you've jerked off today. 10. If your a women, how many times you have had an orgasm today. 11. If they guess incorrectly, scream loudly and call them retarded. 12. If they guess correctly, begin to cry and say god will never forgive me! If they try to comfort you, threaten them. 13. Ask where they are located, then tell them to open the package that ticks but cutting the red wire... 14. Ask them if they know if their refrigerator is running. 15. If your a man, go into the bathroom and urinate as powerfully as you can so they can hear you. 16. If your a woman ask them what is the best day to breast feed, now that the child cant seem to get enough of it. Then tell them his 20th birthday is tomorrow. 17. Belch into the receiver then scream and ask them what was that. If they say it was you, ask who the hell is the psychic here? 18. Tell them your outside the building in a red van, the one with the big black box in the passenger seat. Then yell at them when they say it isn't there, because they are looking out the wrong window. 19. Ask if an AK47 kills psychos better, then correct yourself and say psychics. 20. Fart into the receiver then ask them what they did that for. Curse loudly then slam the receiver down.

funniness: 6.35

rating: R