Danni A.

There was a man who was heading away for a week on business. His wife was incredibly horny and needed a good fuck every now and again so she was left with a warning from her husband before he left. He said, "If I find out that you have been shagging another man while I'm gone then I will pull every pubic hair from your crotch!" He was dead serious but his wife thought she could occupy herself for just one week using her fingers and the handle of her tennis racquet (which she did a lot when her husband was gone). However she failed and one day before her husband was set to return she was gagging for more than she could get from her fingers and the tennis racquet! So she headed into town in the hope of finding a large well-bodied fuckable man to satisfy her lust. While walking down the High Street she found a very hunky and sexy black man that she wouldn't mind screwing and so she walked up to him and said-"Will you come home with?" and the black man replied, "Only for a chocolate biscuit." She gave him a biscuit and they headed towards her house. So they got home and the woman said, "Will you come inside and upstairs?" "Only for a chocolate biscuit" So she gave him another biscuit. So they got upstairs and into the woman's bedroom. "Will you take off your clothes and lie with me on the bed?" "Only for a chocolate biscuit" So she gave him yet another biscuit!! "Will you fuck me until I hit orgasm at least three times!" "Only for a chocolate biscuit" So she gave him a biscuit leaving only one left in the box and they got to business. He was drilling into her-fucking her harder and faster until she was dripping wet-screwing her pussy and hitting her G-spot with every hard core thrust. She was at her orgasmic peak and when it was over they were both swollen and sore and so exhausted that they fell asleep together in the bed. The next mourning the husband arrived home from his trip and headed upstairs to great his wife with a homecoming ride. She heard him coming upstairs and immediately told the black to get into the cupboard and hide. "Only for a chocolate biscuit" he said and so she gave him the last chocolate biscuit and shoved him into the cupboard just before her husband walked in. He walked towards the bed and began to take off his clothes when he stopped and spotted the white spunk stains on the lilac sheets. "You've been in bed with another man and don't lie to me!!!!!!!" His wife didn't say a word and like he had warned he opened her legs and began to pluck all her pubic hairs from her crotch one by one. By the time he reached the last one he couldn't get it to come out and so he shouted, "Come out you black bastard!!!" And the guy in the cupboard shouted "Only for a chocolate biscuit!!!!!!"

funniness: 7.07

rating: R