Karaoke C.

This guy, John, just turns 35 years old and he is still a virgin. His best buddies get together and decide that they would send John to a Whore House for his birthday. So John goes into town one night and sees the whore house and he walks in and goes up to the front desk and the sexy lady behind the desk says, "Hello, and what can I do for you tonight?" He says, "Well, this is my first time coming to a Whore House and I have no idea what there is" The lady starts listing off all these different woman off to him saying, "Well, we have a very nice young lady that does it "Doggie Style", and another lady that does it "69", and we also have a lady that does it in the "military position"...." He says, Go back to the 69, I'll try that, that sounds like something that could be fun!" So, she sends him off to this room and tells him to get undressed and to hop into the bed and the lady would be right in to please him. About five minutes later, this sexy woman comes walking in. She undresses and crawls on top of him in the 69 position. Everything seems to be going well until the woman gets this god awful gas pain and can't seem to hold it, so she doesn't think nothing of it and just lets it rip! She looks up and turns to him and asks, "How are you doing down there sweety?" "Oh, I'm doing alright," he says So they both continue on with their stuff and a couple of minutes pass and she gets another god awful gas pain and let it rip again. They continue on for the third time and of course the woman gets another gas pain and lets it rip one last time. She looks up and turns to him and asks, "How are you doing?" He says, "Oh, I'm doing ok I guess, but I don't think I can handle another 66 of those!"

funniness: 7.02

rating: R