Erik A.

11) You end telephone conversations with the phrase, "You are the weakest link. Goodbye!" 10) You wonder why the people at TV guide have never won the Pulitzer Prize. 9) Your lifelong dream is to say "Live from New York, its Saturday Night!!" 8) You keep wooden stakes and garlic handy in case Buffy ever needs your help. 7) Every time someone angers you, you threaten to "vote them off the island" the next chance you get. 6) You wonder if the dog from "Frasier" will ever be as big as Lassie. 5) You write angry letters in Klingon to the producers of Star Trek wondering why the hell Seven of Nine doesn't get more face time. 4) You wonder if today is the day the coyote finally catches the roadrunner. 3) You end every conversation with "And that's the bottom line, cause (insert your name here) said so." 2) You honestly believe that you can pass medical school based solely on your knowledge from watching "ER". and the number one reason you know you've been watching too much TV... 1) Every time someone answers one of your questions, you ask, "Is that your final answer?"

funniness: 6.41

rating: PG