lou k.

A choir boy and a priest both wanted to get into a medical school. To get in they both had to take an entrance test. The choir boy was the first in and the priest waited outside hoping to get some tips off the boy as he came out. When the choir boy had eventually came out he looked a bit disappointed! "How did it go?" asked the priest "Not good" replied the choir boy "They were mainly fill in the missing letter questions about first aid. I only got 65% and that isn't good enough to get in!" The priest walked in looking worried and came out an hour later looking a very disappointed "Didn't do well then?" presumed the choir boy. "Not really, sighed the priest, "I only got one right" "Which ones that then?" asked the choir boy. "What do you do when you find an unconscious woman? Feel her pussy." "Oh yeah, pulse." said the choir boy confidently. "Damn it! Got that one wrong too!"

funniness: 5.57

rating: PG