Sway B.

One day a lady was shaving her armpits, when the razor slipped and she accidently shaved off one of her nipples. She ran to the other room and called the doctor. "Oh that's no big deal." said the doctor, "Come in tomorrow and we can sew it back on. Just bring the nipple with you." The next day she was in the doctor's office. "Do you have your nipple?" he asked. "Why yes i do, just a minute." she began to search her purse. She did this for about 5 minutes and finally said, "I will have to call my husband, I left it on top of my dresser." She called her husband, and told him to put everthing that was on top of the dresser into a bag and bring it to the doctor's office, and not to ask any questions. He did as she said and was there in a matter of minutes. As soon as he arrived, she grabbed the bag out of his hand. She searched and searched and finally asked. "Are you sure you brought everything that was on top of the dresser?" "Yes," her husband said, "except for that jellybean. I ate it."

funniness: 6.41

rating: R