Ben I.

These three guys are in a bar, giving women ratings on how beautiful she is on a scale from 1-10. They see a really pretty girl and decide on an 7. The bartender overhears their rating and tells them he'd only give her a three. "You're crazy," says one of the guys. The bartender simply replies, "I use the Budweiser method." A few minutes later, an extremely gorgeous woman walks in the bar. The three men rate her a eight and a half. The bartender overhears them and tells them he'd only give her a four and a half. Again the men imply that he is crazy. About 10 minutes later, A drop dead, knockout gorgeous girl with a perfect body enters the bar. The three men make an instant, unanimous decision of a 10 for her. Again the bartender overhears and tells them at best, the very best, he'd give her a 7. One of the men finally asks him what the Budweiser method is. The bartender replies, "The Budweiser method is how many Clydesdales it take to pull me off of her.

funniness: 6.40

rating: PG