Corey C.

1. Replace the candles on the birthday cake with cherry bombs 2. Right when the Birthday boy or girl is sucking in their breath to blow out the candles, slap them on the back as hard as you can and yell, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" On the 4th of July... 1. Attach Roman Candles to your wrists, light them, and fire them down the street 2. Put the fireworks on a sharp enough angle to hit someone 3. "Accidently" dump a bag of fireworks into a fire barrel. 4. Strap fireworks around your waist and demand money or else you will blow yourself up At the movies... 1. Demand to have mayonase on your popcorn 2. Make a ball of popcorn, paper towel, gum and anything else you can find under your seat and throw it at the movie screen 3. Do #2 at the film projector 4. Take off your socks and shoes and hang your feet over the seat in front of you 5. After the movie, as you are walking out, tell your self in a loud voice the ending to the movie as the other people walk in At a public pool... 1. While some people are watching you, so a painful bellyflop off the diving board, smile, and do it again 2. While in the hottub with your friends, ask loudly, "So Bob, how's the dierria?" 3. At the top of a waterslide, sit in the jets for a long time making loud, moning noises. Anywhere... 1. Be as loud and obnoxious as possible.

funniness: 5.48

rating: PG