Tyler R.

Larry has a 12 inch dick, and he's got a wife who lets him screw her. But he's never been 100% happy because he's never been able to get it all in. So Larry goes to a whore house that his friend told him about. He walks up to the lady at the counter and tells her his problem. The lady at the counter says, "We've got a girl that will satisfy you guaranteed, or your money back." Larry thinks it over and decides to go on with it. He pays the lady and she tells him, "Go down the hall, first door on your right." So Larry goes down the hall, first door on his right and finds a sexy young whore. He gets started but the girl cries out in pain. So he gets dressed and walks back to the lady at the counter and says, "No good, I think I hurt her. I want my money back!" The lady replies, "Hold on, not just yet. Why don't you try the 2nd door on your right this time." So Larry goes down the hall 2nd door on his right, and the same thing happens. So he goes back to the counter and tells the lady the same thing. "Ok, last time or I'll really give you your money back. Try the 3rd door on your right. But you have to keep the lights off." So Larry goes down the hall, 3rd door on his right and sees a young whore with her ass in the air. He goes up and fucks her like crazy, and when he's done he notices that she's foaming at the mouth. He jumps back, startled and runs to the desk, "There's something wrong with your girl in there, she's foaming at the mouth!" The lady doesn't say anything for a while and then yells, "RICK! THE DEAD GIRL'S FULL AGAIN!"

funniness: 7.17

rating: R