Patrick B.

Your Mama is Like A(n)... 1. Hardware Store; 5 cents a screw. 2. Ice Cream Cone; everyone gets a lick. 3. Tube of Pringles; once you pop, you just can't stop. 4. Vacuum Cleaner; she sucks, blows, and then gets laid in the closet. 5. Shotgun; two cocks and she's loaded. 6. Railroad Track; she gets laid all over the country. 7. Door Knob; everyone gets a turn. 8. Christmas Tree; everyone hangs balls on her. 9. Lettuce; 25 cents a head. 10. Tricycle; she's easy to ride. 11. McDonald's; over 5 million served world wide. 12. A Carpenter's Dream; flat as a board and easy to nail. 13. Fan; she's always blowing someone. 14. Foot Basketball Hoop; it ain't that hard to score. 15. Turtle; once she's on her back she's fucked. 16. Birthday Cake; everyone gets a piece. 17. Squirrel; she's always got some nuts in her mouth. 18. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup; there's no wrong way to eat her. 19. Bag of Potato Chips; " Free-To-Lay " 20. The Sun; look at her to long and you'll go blind. 21. Bowling Ball; she gets picked up, fingered, thrown down the gutter, and she still comes back for more.

funniness: 7.35

rating: R