DeeDee K.

1. If there is a stack of fruits, take the bottom one out and watch as the rest of the fruits fall. 2. Ask the helpers/stockers to help you locate a food that dose not exist. If they say that they don't have it, say that you purchased it here last time you shopped. i.e. ("Do you have German Bananas") 3. Mix up the price tags 4. When the check out person is almost done checking out your big load of food, tell her/him that you forgot an item and you'll be right back. Then, don't return. 5. Pinch your nose and yell out stuff like, clean up in isle 3, register 7 is now opened! 6. Tell the clerk you need a carry-out person. When the carry-out person arrives either walk around the parking lot and say that you forgot where you parked, or, walk all the way home. 7. Take a box of ice cream out of the freezer and lay it on a shelf. Slowly watch it melt. 8. Open up all the chocolate pudding and open up a bag of plastic spoons, and put a sign up that says, FrEe SaMpLeS! 9. Take a banana, peel it, eat it, and throw the peels on the floor. 10. Open up some toilette paper, and TP a whole isle. 11. Grab a broom, start sweeping the floor, go to the boss and demand a pay check. 12. Find a product that you know the slogan to. Point at it, jump up and down while repeating it's slogan. i.e. ("Ahh, the power of cheese!") 13. Grab a friend and play bumper-cars with the buggies.

funniness: 5.30

rating: PG