Adam S.

Three guys are starting a round of golf. They all pull out their golf balls for inspection. The third guy pulls out a pink golf ball. Needless to say the other two guys laugh at him and call him names. "Laugh all you want," he says, "but you can never lose this golf ball." "How?" reply the other two. "Well, if you hit the ball into the woods it is eay to find because it is pink." "I've been to lots of courses where you would not find that ball." says the first guy. "Well, it also starts beeping when it is lost." the third guy replies. "That is useless if you hit it into the water" sneers the second guy. "If you hit the ball into the water, the ball has an flotation device built into it and it floats to the surface." the third guy replies. "That is all well and good but how do you get the ball if it is just floating thre? You don't know how far out it will be" the first guy says. "It also has a solar panel in the side of the ball. It uses solar power to get itself to the nearest shore." "That's bloody amazing!I guess you were right, you really can't lose it," says the second guy, "but where did you get such a great ball from? I would like to buy one." The guy replies, "I found it."

funniness: 7.01

rating: PG