Slip K.

1. Have a trail of apple juice leading to the toilets. 2. While in the change rooms yell out, "We need more toilet paper in here." 3. Set all he clocks to go off at 10 minute intervals. 4. While handling the guns in the sport section ask the clerk if the come with anti depressant pills. 5. Hide in cloths racks and when some one is looking through them jump out and yell, "Pick me! Pick me!" 6. Duck a dodge suspiciously while humming the tune to Mission Impossible. 7. Set up a tent in sporting and tell people that they can only come in if the bring pillows from Manchester. 8. Place the cones that say "slippery when wet" on carpet areas. 9. When some one asks you where some thing is lay on the ground and scream, "Why won't you people leave me alone?!" 10. When a message comes over the speaker crouch in the fetal position and rock back and forth while saying, "Why won't these voices stop!"

funniness: 5.72

rating: PG