Matt P.

Sausage Skin Penal Colony Soup Bowl Goggles Dunce Cap Bubble Boy Johnson Control Stinky Slinky Nail Polisher Spanky Hanky Parenthood Tuition Abolition Great Barrier Sheath Driving Glove Wilderness Permit Conception Rejection Waste Basket Muff Buffer Geyser Cork Cock Cloak Protein Packet Willy Wrapper Peanut Shell Yellow Submarine Pork Barrel Jack in the Box Turkey Neck Tourniquet Chicken Chariot Noodle Nylon Cock Sock Member Muzzle Mister Log's Sex Hat Throbben Hood Bone Blanket Batting Glove Pony Stable Sleeve it to Beaver Rascal Wrapper The Papal Robe Childproof Lid Wienerhosen Worm Puppet Freudian Slip Mr. Happy's Business Suit Separate Us Apparatus Dick C. Cup Hip Boot Stiffy Stocking Clubber in Rubber Lone Ranger's Mask Thighmaster Stopcock Ribbed Cage Surge Protector Rubber Policeman Rain Slicker Poppa Stoppa Love Glove Jump Suit Mister Twister Stuffer Stocking Gift Wrapper Torpedo Tube Meat Binder Third Leg Trouser Weasel Den Pole Barn Cum Drum Valve Cover Seed Sack Love Capsule Cock Frock Crank Tank Salami Skin Pudding Packet Doggie Bag Full Latex Jacket Bag Lady Boa Constricter One-eyed Willie's Eye Patch Luger Locker Tuna Boat Raincoat Cape Horn Rain Slicker Love Shackle Peckerwouldn't Purple Warrior Armor Ferret Sock Groin Cloth Lamb Gut Nut Hut Clam Dam Willy's Wetsuit Crash Helmet Dick Bra Seat Belt Cock-a-doodle-don't Missile Silo Head Shed Peter Parka Pressure Cooker Pickle Jar Bullet Bag Lover Cover Runt Stunter Inconceivable Cum Gum Overpopulater Obliterator Peeper Keeper Appollo 13 Pussy Wussy Under-underwear Dick Wick White Lightning Gun Rack Machete Sheath Cock Block

funniness: 4.66

rating: R