Moya H.

Once upon a time there lived a prince and a princess that showed their love for each other all the time. There was also this wizard that hated seeing people in love, especially the prince and princess. One day he decided to put an end to it. The wizard turned the princess into a rose in the garden. But she was only a rose during the day and at night she turned back into a woman. So finally the wizard was happy. After awhile the wizard noticed that the prince was letting his love (the princess) in the castle at night when she turned back into a human. The wizard was furious. So the next day he picked two roses plus the one rose the princess was turned into. He set them on a table and told the prince, "If you can pick the rose that is your love then she will forever be a human. If you pick wrong she will forever be a rose in the garden". The prince thought for awhile and picked the one all the way on the left. He was right and the princess turned back into a human and lived happily ever after with her prince. the question to this riddle: How did the prince now the left rose was his love? The answer: He knew which one was her cause he remembered at night time he let her in the castle so she wouldn't have dew on her like the other two roses that were out in the garden all night.

funniness: 5.27

rating: G