Lisa B.

Alex Ferguson is at Old Trafford with the whole of the Manchester United Football Team watching them train, when he realizes that golden boy David Beckham is absent. He takes out his mobile phone and calls the Beckhams at home. David - "Hello". Alex - "David, where the hell are you? Training started 10 minutes ago!" David - "I'm sorry boss, but me and Victoria were doing this jigsaw puzzle with Brooklyn and we've gotten completely stuck. Brooklyn will be so upset if we can't finish it!" Alex - "Look, I want you here within half an hour okay?" An hour goes by - no David. Alex rings him again. David - "Hello". Alex - "I told you I wanted you here 30 minutes ago, what's going on? We've got an important match on Saturday!" David - "I'm so sorry boss, but we still can't get this jigsaw done. It's supposed to be a picture of a Tiger, and it looks so cute on the box...but we just can't fit it together. I'm afraid Brooklyn's starting to get really upset." Alex - "For God's sake just get here now." An hour goes by - still no David. Alex is furious by now and calls David again. David - "Hello". Alex - "Get your backside over here right now, or I'll fine you a months' wages." David - "Oh boss I do want to come, but this jigsaw still isn't complete. Victoria is in tears and Brooklyn is screaming blue murder...I just can't leave." Alex - "For Christ's sake David, if I come over and finish the bloody thing for you will you PLEASE come to training". David - "Yeah, that would be great". So Alex gets into his car and speeds over to the Beckham residence. He knocks on the door and an agitated David answers. David - "Thank God it's you boss, come in. We're in the kitchen." Alex follows David through to the kitchen where he finds Brooklyn on his mother's lap. Victoria is sat hunched over the kitchen table brow furrowed in concentration. David joins her. Alex approaches the kitchen table and takes a look. Alex (sighs) - "For God's sake David, clear those Frosties off the table and back into the box and let's go!"

funniness: 6.40

rating: PG