Steve K.

Three kids on a playground in fifth grade are bored and want to play a new game: Jew: Im bored. Italian: Lets play compare the penis. Redneck: What's that? I: We wip ours out and whoever has the biggest penis wins. J: Ok. R: Sure. So the jew wips his out. I, R: Wow thats pretty big! J: Thanks Then the italian boy wips his out/ J: Well that's pretty big. R: Yea its bigger than yours. I: Ok its your turn red. So now the redneck wips his out. I: WOA!! That's the biggest most girth penis I've ever seen! J: It must be because you're a redneck! The redneck starts to cry and goes home. Later his mother asks what he did at school today. Redneck mom: How was your day? R: I learned how to read and we played a new game called compare the penis. Redneck mom: Did you win R: Yea, mom they said its cause im a redneck is that true? Redneck mom: No, it's because you're 26 years old.

funniness: 7.14

rating: R