mark b.

A girl is sitting at a bar while her boyfreind plays pool. A man comes over to her and says, "You've got a great set of tits." The woman is appalled and threatens to tell her boyfreind. The man goes away but comes back and says, "You have the greatest ass." The woman tell the man that her boyfreind would destoy him if she told him and again the man backs off. The man returns again and this time he says, "I would like to fill your pussy up with beer and drink you dry!" The girl has had enough and goes to see her boyfreind. "That men over there says I have great tits," she says. The boyfreind says, "WHAT!?" "Yea and he says I have a nice ass." "I'll kill him!" the boyfreind says as he begins to take off his coat. "He also says he wants to fill my pussy with beer and drink me dry!" Suddenly the boyfreind begins to put his coat back on. "Didn't you hear what I said?" she asks. "Yea," he replies, "and anyone who can drink that much beer, I'm not fucking with!!"

funniness: 7.39

rating: R