jacob s.

An old man gets sent to a retirement home by his son. The next day he wakes up with a boner and the most beautiful nurse walks in and gives him a blow-job, Doesn't say a word just blows him. The old man calls his son and starts thanking him "Thank you son this is the best; thank you so much" the son says "that's great dad what happened" the old man replies "well I woke up with a boner this morning and the most beautiful nurse came in and blew me, Didn't say a word just blew me" "wow! sounds great dad have fun" replies the son. Later that day the old mans walking down the hall when he falls and can't get up. Then some big hillbilly comes up fucks him in the ass and leaves him laying on the floor. The old man finally manages to get to his room and call his son "son you gotta get me out of this place, it's horrible" "Wooo! dad what's so wrong you got a blow-job this morning it can't be to bad". "well I was walking down the hall today" replies the old man "when a big hillbilly comes up to me laying on the floor and fucks me up the ass and just leaves me laying on the floor". "Well it can't be to bad dad you got a blow-job this morning!" says the son. The old man replies "you don't understand I wake up with a boner once a month I fall three-four times a day!"

funniness: 6.39

rating: R