angel p.

One day little Johnny's teacher walked up to her class and she asks them to think of a sentence with the word Ozenal in it. So after a few minutes she asks "Who wants to read their sentence out loud?" She sees Johnny's hand but she doesn't want to ask him because Johnny has a bad mouth so she looks at around some more. "Sally, why don't you tell us your sentence?" the teacher asks. So Sally stands up and says: "Mommy made lunch and cut her finger and she put ozenal on it to make it feel better." "That's very good Sally," the teacher says, she looks over and sees Billy waving his hand in the air. "Billy, what is your sentence?" she asks. Billy says: "I was skateboarding in the park when I fell and my Mom put ozenal on my knee to make it better." "That's very good Billy." Finally the teacher gives in and asks little Johnny what his sentence is... "My dad had a headache and my mom was vacuuming the floor and my dad shouted 'IF YOU DONT STOP THAT DAMN THING I'LL SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS---HOSE 'N ALL!!"

funniness: 6.35

rating: R