brad m.

One day this couple had finally decided to have sex. They went into the bedroom, and he put her on the bed. He then proceded to remove his shirt, flexing his biceps. She started to moan, "Oooh baby what's that?" "These honey, these are called TNT." he replied. Next he started to bounce and flex his pectorials (chest muscles). She started to really get horny now, "Ooooooooh baby what are those?" "These honey, these are land mines." he boasted. Slowly taking off his pants, he started to flex his leg muscles. By this time she was all wet and rubbing on herself, "Oooooooooooooooh uuuuuuh ooooooh baby what are those?" All big headed and macho he said, "These my love slave, these are granade launchers." Then taking off his underwear she screamed, "Aaaaaah!" and ran right out of the room. He quickly threw on some clothes and chased her down, "Hey sweety why did you run out of the room so fast?" She replied, panting, "With all those explosives, I thought you were going to explode with such a short fuse."

funniness: 7.27

rating: R