sparkle a.

Bill Clinton, Abraham Lincoln, and George Bush died and went to heaven. They were walking and knocked on the door of heaven. God answered and said that they could have one more chance. He told them to go over to the cloud on his far right and say what they wanted to do to make the world a better place. Then jump off and do that deed. That would show the last part of the test of life and then that would show that they were ready for heaven. Abraham went first. "I am going to start world peace!" and he jumped off and started world peace. Then George Bush went and said, "I am going to clean up all the trash put on earth." And he jumped off and started the worldwide committee for trash clean-ups. Clinton was very excited he ran and accidentally tripped over a cloud twig and replied, "SHIT!" and he fell off and became shit and he helped out the world more than ever.

funniness: 6.04

rating: R