Eric H.

The gillnet season was about to start in Southeast Alaska and Bubba was packing up his duffle bag for the trip out to sea. One of Bubba's daughters, Bobby Sue, was bouncing on the bed while Bubba was packing up his work clothes. Bobby Sue is just 3 years old and she is having a wonderful time jumping up and down on the bed. Bubba was slightly distracted at this time, trying ot count his socks. At one point Bobby Sue says, "Hey, Daddy, look at this!" as she sticks out two of her fingers. Bubba, trying to keep her entertained, reached out to tickle her and grabbed her two little fingers, put them in his mouth, and pretened to eat them. "Daddy's gonna eat these sweet, little fingers, Bobby Sue!" Bubba licked her little fingers and then rushed out of the room to gather up his boots and halibut jacket. After stuffing his duffle bag to the top, he returned to the bedroom and little Bobby Sue was standing on the bed just staring at her little fingers, with a devastated look on her face. Bubba looks at his daughter and said, "What's wrong, honey?" Bobby Sue, almost in tears now, says, "Daddy, what happened to my booger?"

funniness: 6.77

rating: PG