Angele G.

1. Ask the person next to you what they're in for. 2. Start foaming at the mouth and snapping at people. 3. While describing your illness, make it sound like you have Ebola. 4. Take half of the business cards off of the hostesses' desk, and stuff them in your pockets, suspiciously. 5. Stare at someone from behind a magazine non-stop until they get called. Then attempt to follow them in. 6. When your name gets called, give an evil laugh, and say, "Your Next!" 7. Hide under the chairs and in the coat rack, and jump out at people that look like they have heart problems. 8. Go in the bathroom, run the water, and sing as loud as you can. 9. Bring with some food. Stuff it up your nose, or squish it between your teeth. Do this only when sitting next to someone with the potential to puke. 10. Go, and play in the little kid's section. Steal all of the toys, and see if you can get in a fight with one of the kids. 11. Act like you have many, evil multiple personalities. 12. Start stuffing random objects down your pants. 13. Go outside, and set up a tent in the parking lot, just in case you have to wait overnight. 14. Pretend you're dying. (Maybe, you'll get in sooner.) 15. Start talking in a friendly voice to the person next to you. Then all of the sudden look them in the eye, and start screaming. 16. Gnaw on the pens at the hostesses' desk. Be sure to leave some slobber. 17. Pretend you're a gypsy, and tell the person across from you that they're going to die! 18. Start talking in gibberish so that no one can understand you, including the doctor. 19. Talk to the plants. 20. Try to explain to everyone about how you really are Michel Jackson. You just had some new plastic surgery. In fact, that's why you're in now. 21. Start flirting with someone. Age and sex doesn't matter.

funniness: 5.55

rating: PG