Lucky H.

A security guard that has worked at Death Row for many years is finally retiring. The man has worked within Death Row longer than anyone else, and knows the place better than anyone else. But on his last day he was advised to show the new, much younger, guard around the facility, because no one could show the new guy around like he could. The new guard was getting along just fine, but in the middle of the day he heard an inmate yell out "67"! At that moment, everyone in death row started laughing. The retiring guard started laughing as well. The new guard, obviously confused wondered what the hell 67 meant, but he ignored the outburst. Later in the day as the guard was getting his first view of the lockdown portion of Death Row, an inmate yelled out "91"! And once again everyone that heard the outburst started laughing. This time the retiring guard chuckled a little but carried on with the tour. But once again another inmate screamed out a number, this time it was 54. Now anyone that heard the number was on the ground rolling with laughter, even the old guard. The new guard, now very curious as to what the numbers meant, ask the old guard as to what people were referring to with all the numbers. After catching his breath, the old guard said, "Well everyone here in Death Row have and will be here for years. So they have all heard every joke in the book, so they gave every joke a number rather than a name. When someone wants to tell a joke they don't bother wasting time telling it, they just yell out the number, and everyone knows what joke it is. The new guard was amused. He asked, "You mean all I have to do is yell out a number and people will laugh at whatever joke is assigned to it?" "That's the idea." said the old guard, "Go ahead give it a try, just yell out a number." The new guard thought for a minute and finally decided on a number. He yelled out "74"! No one laughed. The now embarrassed guard leaned over to the old guard and asked, "What happened? Why didn't anyone laugh?" The old guard just shook his head and said, "Some people just can't tell a joke."

funniness: 6.43

rating: PG