Chris H.

Three prisoners serving long prison sentences were sharing a cell. To relieve their boredom, they started to tell jokes to each other. Before long, they found that they'd exhausted all the jokes they knew and were getting bored hearing the same jokes over again. So, once they knew every one of them word for word, they assigned each joke a number. So, one day, one of the inmates, "Remember Joke 27?" and the other two say "Yes," and smile at the memory. Then a few minutes later he says, "What about Joke 13?" and the others nod and force a grin. Then he says, "How about number 34?" and one of the others groans and looks bored, but the other starts laughing hysterically and rolling around with mirth. The others look at him in astonishment and ask him why it's suddenly so funny, and he says, "I haven't heard that one before!"

funniness: 5.85

rating: G