Richard D.

There's a Chelsea fan, a Manchester Utd and a Liverpool fan walking along a beach. The Chelsea fan trips over something half buried in the sand. Sure enough, in true joke fasion, it's a magic lamp, and the Chelsea fan rubs it. Poooof! A genie appears and grants him 3 wishes. He decides to give his friends a wish each and the Chelsea fan goes first. "We've had a ban run in Europe this season so next year, I want to qualify for the Champions League and win it." A click of the genie's fingers and the wish is duly granted. Next it's the Manc's turn. "Right, our kid.", he says to the genie," I want a fucking great big wall all the way around Manchester to keep those Scouse bastards out!" "Granted!" booms the genie, and the wall appears around Manchester. Finally, the Scouser steps up and asks, "This high is it?" "200 feet high" answers the genie. "Any doors in it" continues the quizical Liverpool fan. "Nope." "Windows?" "Nope." "Right!", says the Scouser, "Flood the Bastard!"

funniness: 5.78

rating: PG