Kraig V.

One day an old man came to a place to join a club where there are beautiful women. He asked the person to sign him up for only $100 a year. So the old man joined and he found out it was a nude club. He saw all the beaches, swimming pools, hot tub, and bars. Then he saw this beautiful woman and he got a boner. The beautiful lady said, "Hey, you got a boner off of me." "What does that mean," said the old man. "Now we must have sex!" the sexy woman said. So they had sex and he was beat. He went into the suana to warm up before he wanted to go to bed. There was another man in there. Then the old man farted. "Hey, you farted," said the other man. "And?" said the old man. "Now we must have sex." The old man didn't want to but he did. Two days later, the old man went up to the man at the front desk and said he was going to quit the club. "Why?" asked the man. "You don't like the beautiful women?" "I do but I get a boner once a year and fart 50 times a day!"

funniness: 5.92

rating: R