Katie K.

The Press swarmed as Gus Refer cut the ribbon announcing the opening of his brand new restaurant. It had a lot of publicity because it was the world's only restaurant it the shape of a circle. About four hours later Gus headed for home. He knew the party would probably go on until morning, but he was tired and wanted some rest. Two hours later Gus was awakened by the sound of his phone ringing. He picked it up and said hello. "Are you Gus Refer?" "Yes, why?" "My name is Ian Magwire. There has been a murder at your restaurant, come down immediately." Gus quickly dressed and went to the restaurant. As he stepped out of the car he noticed that everyone was there. Ian Magwire had already started questioning the staff. "Where were you when the murder occured?" he asked the cook. "I was in the kitchen, cutting a chicken with the new and incredibaly sharp knife I have." "Where were you when the murder occurred?" he asked a waiter. "I was picking up shards of glass," he said. "Where were you when the murder happened?" he asked the waitress. "I was waiting on that table in the corner," she said. An hour later Ian walked out of the restaurant with the murderer. Who was it and why? Answer: It was the waitress. (She said she was waiting on the table in the corner. Circles don't have corners. Remember, the restaurant was round.)

funniness: 6.44

rating: G