Menno V.

Adam is happily lying under an apple tree in paradise. Then Eve comes by and says: "Quick Adam, I'm horny! Take me now!" "No", says Adam "I'm tired, find someone else." So, eve walks away disappointed. Then she comes across a baboon. She is very horny so she decides to take advantage of the monkey. She reaches out but the baboon is too clever and all she can get was some hair from his ass. A few minutes later she sees a dinosaur. Eve is very desperate and decides to do it with the dinosaur. She runs to the dinosaur but he sees her coming, so he runs away... right off a cliff. Finally, Eve comes by a lake. There she sees a fish. She approaches the fish quietly and gets hold of it. Then she starts doing it with the fish. Now, what can we learn from this story? 1) we know how baboons got their naked ass. 2) we know how dinosaurs went extinct. 3) but we'll never know the original smell of fish!

funniness: 5.95

rating: R