Steven S.

Yesterday I was at bible study when I ran into a young lady that I like a lot. We started talking for awhile and for some reason the subject came up that she was considering getting the laser/electronic hair removal on her legs so she would never have to shave again (she is an Italian girl and has dark black leg hair which really bothers her). I am a Finance major and I asked how much it cost. "Oh about $3000." "$3000! I said, why don't you just invest that money?" We talked about it for a long time and finally I got smart and said, "Well you're a smart girl and I'm sure you'll make the right choice." Immediately after I said this I almost said the stupidest thing that I had ever thought. You know how when you talk to a girl you like and you try to be helpful so she will think you are a good guy? Well that instinct almost got me killed. Here is the exact thought that got stopped just before it came out of my mouth, "Well, for $3000 you should get your moustache done too."

funniness: 6.41

rating: G