Brandon E.

A blonde decides to join th millitary. Her Drill Sergent comes into the room and says to her, "Your assignment is to survive on an island for one week and it is your duty to write down everything you need to survive and then getting the stuff from the clerk." After awhile the drill sergent comes back in and asks if she is ready to go. She confirms, "Yes Sir, ready to go Sir!" Good, lets board the plane. As they board the plane the drill sergent goes over the list. Does a little shaking of the head and asks again if she is ready and has everything. She confirms and the drill sergent says good luck as she jumps. He then looks at his partner and says, "She isn't going to make it." His buddy says, "Why? She got everything she needs to survive." Drill sergent respones, "yes, but she forgot the parachute!"

funniness: 5.56

rating: G