Nolan B.

One bright sunny Sunday morning Father Brown woke up and decided to himself that he was just to lazy to perform mass, instead a nice relaxing round of golf sounded better. so he called up his close friend Father Smith and used the excuse of being too sick, so of course Father Smith took over.Father Brown gathered his clubs and left for the golf course. He got there and took pride in his scheme for the course was deserted because everyone was at church, he was having a rather good game while St. Peter was watching from above and he said to God, "Are you going to let him get away with this"? God replied, "Why not." Father Brown soon was coming to the 9th hole, which was a very tricky hole, with a par of about 8. He teed off and watched himself make a hole in one. St.Peter was very disappointed so he turned to God once again and said, "Are you going to let him get away with that"? And God replied, "Who is he going to tell?"

funniness: 6.49

rating: PG