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Once a man walked in to the ladies department of Macy's one day. Shyly, he went to the woman at the front desk. "Um," he said, "I need a bra for my wife." The woman responded, "Which type?" With this, the man was confused. "There is more than one type?" "Yes, why don't you look around." He looked and looked, but didn't know how to choose. So he went back up to the front desk, "How many types are there?" "Four." she responed. The man was still confused. Noticing this the lady told him, "The types are Catholic, Salvation Army, the Presbyterian, and the Baptist type." "What is the differance?" "Well, the Catholic type holds up the masses, the Salvation Army type lifts what's fallen, the Presbyterian type keeps the staunch and upright, and the Baptist type makes a mountain out of a mole-hill."

funniness: 6.39

rating: PG