Kasey M.

Thing's you don't do in the men's locker room. 1. Announce yourself by saying "So little time, so many guys." 2. Claim toilet as yours, and sit on it for hours 3. Stand right next to guy in shower, and start giggling. 4. Smuggle melted chocolate chips in locker room and spread it all over the toilets seats 5. Get that same chocolate chips, spread it all over your hands, leave toilet area and start licking them off while saying "Finger Licking Good" 6. Bring ruler into the shower and measure yourself. 7. Go around asking men to jerk off in a plastic cup because you can't afford the "Ooze of Death" that comes seperately from the "G.I. Joe Torture Chamber". 8. Point at guy next to you at the stall and say "Damn your wife was right, I am larger." 9. Offer free massages in the shower area. 10. Think of your girlfriend while cleaning off. 11. Go around asking guys to "Lather you up" 12. While hopping in for a quick rinse, sing "Like a Virgin". 13. Start daring guy's to pick up your soap. 14. Walk around, accuse people of stealing your Feminine protection. 15. Buy some Herbal Essence, make same sounds as in commercial. 16. Go around the shower while no ones looking and start smuggling the soap. 17. Play "Hide the Towels" while everyones taking a shower 18. Walk around with your underwear on your head. 19. Get drunk, lay on one of the benches and start telling everyone your trying to get "lucky" 20. Walk around without a shirt, ask everyone to rub your belly for good luck. 21. Get in front of mirror, braid your butt hair 22. Wash your dirty undwear and socks in the showers. 23. Get those same underwear and socks, place them on the shower heads, and claim your trying "filter the water of disgusting minerals" 24. Try to prove your one step better than the dimwit who takes a leak in the shower, by taking a dump. And finally.. 25. After shaving, use Massengil as aftershave

funniness: 6.43

rating: G