Deb D.

Little Johnny was visiting his Grandma and Grandpa's farm for the first time. As Grandpa was showing Little Johnny around they walked past the cow pen where the bull was busy in procreative conquest of the cow. Little Johnny asked "What are they doing, Grandpa?" The old man didn't think Johnny was yet old enough to learn about the facts of life, so he replied "The bull is just serving the cow." A little further on, they walked past the pig sty where the boar was engaged in the same activity as the bull. Again Little Johnny asked "What are they doing?" and Grandpa responded "The boar is serving the sow." Later on at dinner, Grandma said to Grandpa "Would you please serve the turkey." Little Johnny became quite upset and spouted "If he does, I'm eatin' a hamburger!"

funniness: 5.67

rating: PG