John V.

Prince Charming walks into a tavern appearing downtrodden. Immediately, the bartender turns to him and asks why he's so glum. "You wouldn't believe it," he replies. "I was walking through the Enchanted Forest when, suddenly I approached Snow White fast asleep on a bed of stone. The dwarf next to her tells me that she ate a poisonous apple and could only be revived through a kiss from my very lips. I gave her a peck on the cheek. Nothing. So I give her a real deep kiss while massaging her hair with my fingers. Nothing. Soon enough, I'm making passionate love to her right there in the woods when suddenly, she screams out, 'Ah yes!'" "That's great!" the bartender excitedly replies. "Then she's alive!" Shrugging his shoulders Prince Charming says, "Nah. She faked it."

funniness: 5.91

rating: PG