Dee D.

After mass, the priest asked Jack and Jill to come to his office so that he could ask them a few questions. He began, "what is the name of the Lord, our heavenly Father?" Jack stuck a pencil up Jill's ass and she screamed, "GOD!" "Very good," said the priest, "2nd question. What is the name of God's son, our savior?" Jack stuck the pencil up Jill's ass again and in pain she screamed, "JEEEEEEEESUS CHRIIIIST!" The priest smiled and said, "Wonderful! Now, I have just one more question. What did Eve say to Adam right after they had their 22 child?" Jack was about to stick the pencil up Jill's ass but she said, "If you stick that thing in me one more time, I'll break it in half!" The priest said, "very good."

funniness: 6.47

rating: R